Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Wish List to Santa

By Luxo-D

What's that old phrase..."A wish in one hand, and a crap in the other...see which gets filled first," or some nonsense like that. Well that's what we got, A WISH LIST. And just what are we supposed to do with it eh? Well, I can think of about a dozen super cool things I would like to get for 2011. This wishful thinking maybe out of my control, but then again...a girl can dream, right? It's not like I'm asking..."Hey, Calgon, take me away," or anything like that. I'm just saying there are a few cool things, a cool kid like me, would love to have in the old arsenal, dig. Know what I'm sayin'?

So...where to start? Hmm, so many choices. Geez, it's like a pervert in a bra store...where to start...where to start, hmm which bra? Well let's see, maybe a cool new jersey, or some awesome nicker bibs, or maybe a kick-ass helmet, or some neat socks, or maybe some wicked road shoes or something. I guess...

What I really wish a NEW cyclocross bike!

Look, I like to scheme about stuff sometimes, okay. Like how, if I get rid of this thing, then maybe I can get that thing. You know, this is The G-Man's operation all year long by the way. Nobody can scheme like that dude. Hell, he's a "Master Schemer Extraodinaire" when it comes to his next bicycle acquisition. One day it's Orbea bikes, the next day it's Look bikes, then Cervelo bikes the day after that, Focus bikes from god knows where. Anyway, right now, at this very moment that's it, a NEW cyclocross bike under the tree. I don't even know what brand I even want...heck, I like the first thing that looks super cool. I don't even give a hoot what it's got under the hood, brand or anything. It's the first impression right out of the gate. Even my brand loyalties take a big bruising, but we're wishing right, anything goes? Or does it?

Come on Santa Claus, I've been a good Joe... haven't I?

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