Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolutions or Nightmares

By Luxo-D

Everybody loves change. Shake it up so to speak, and make some changes you've always wished you could. Okay...

Hey man let's face it – change is hard. There's so much work to do, it's SICK. Sometimes, it just sucks to even make an effort. But we've got to try eh? What good is a new years resolution without a tiny bit of elbow grease anyway, right? Maybe throw in a smidge of positive attitude too, for good luck. Okay, I know it's not easy – I can sympathize. Partially. Not really. But at least I can listen? Well no, I don't do that either. Now Look, I've been there too, I mean it, gawd. We all have tons of crap we just never got around to. But I'm not keeping score – are you?

Don't be a Debby Downer.
Look, there were some pretty awesome goals satisfied last year no doubt. A lot in fact! I can think of at least three or four major cycling events completed. Some, that had nothing to do with actually riding a bike. Certainly, myself and other TEAM SPROCKETS™ members would generally call last season...VICTORIOUS! But just like the doped-up pros looking for that next big HIT, or that certain... god knows what, that often gets tested randomly... We need a super awesome NEW GOAL to harvest! A virtual MISSION to claim Conquest & Glory for the next year.

So, let's do it!
What's it going to be kats? New rides, new courses, new bikes, new gear? What's it gonna take to mark your year? How are YOU going to be validated by your piers, huh? Seriously, is some hot new swag going put you in the seat and make you OPTIMUS PRIME? Yeah maybe! Hell, I'm already sitting on some sweet new PEARL IZUMI SELECT road shoes, from SANTA CLAUS. At least... I got me one in the old' bag eh?

Keep it simple, dig.
Maybe this year, just try a little more time in the saddle. Or change out a needed component for some thing just a little better. Or, just shake up the diet by not going back for second helpings. Maybe even eat some fruit for crying out loud. Or...If I maybe so bold...drink less beer? How about, you get that HOT new bike you've always wanted!

In the end, little thing add up to a whole bunch of big things.

Just saying...

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