Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year and a NEW Look

By Luxo-D

Change is good. Like a butterfly emerging from it's chrysalis.
And so must we all.

Check out the NEW TEAM SPROCKETS™ club jersey for 2011. This is preliminary concept at the moment (subject to change), but it is darn close to the NEW look being developed by the TS Team. Fashion, oh yes – it is a bold statement indeed – classic in tenacity. With it's hot red field accented by the traditional Luxembourgian graphics, you've come to love and respect with TEAM SPROCKETS.™ It is a team jersey that demands the most uncompromising of attention, or scorn, depending on your viewpoint. Zoolander beware, there's new kid on the runway this year.

Additionally, the bright colors will prove to be beneficial on the road with potential hazards too. I don't know about you, but I prefer to be seen by drivers, even the ones preoccupied by cell phones, music, food, and god knows whatever else.

Look for the colors to flying by a road near you. Excelsior!

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