Thursday, February 17, 2011

The First to Ride

By Luxo-D

Talk is cheap. But every once in awhile someone says and does things to make you ponder... do you have the tenacity, the guts, to go out and do something no one suspects. The mere whisper, the declaration if you will – is enough to set a whole calamity of activity in motion. Of course the conditions need to be ripe for such events to take place – a kind of velo-gravity needing to fall just perfectly and make it...REAL. Indeed.

Now, I would love to be the first guy out there to cut some NEW road. It's crossed my mind more than once over this long winter. Dreaming of new roads and new hills is always something to cherish in deepest, dark solitude of the cold months. Yet, when I heard the other day, that The Immortal was talking "big time real" about going for bike ride...I gasped! The thought, of one of the TEAM SPROCKETS™ members going for a bike ride this early, jazzed me. Oh sure, there are lots of people out there already, and it shouldn't be much of a surprise really, with the thaw currently in play – but I was caught off guard actually. In a way, the spontaneous mention of it, impromptu and cavalier in tone – frightened and stoked me to get ready with an urgency uncommon for February. Trainer be damned!

So that my friend's is exactly what we're going to do. Get that gear out, wash those shorts, and bring that bike to the shop. Cuz...girlfriends, it's going to be here sooner than you think.

Ready or not.

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