Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Feets of Fury!

By Luxo-D

Hey cool cats, are you ready to get it on? The riding season is here, and the big question for the day is – are you ready to unleash your "Feets of Fury?"

Hell, look at this dude... he's got it going on! Right? I don't know about you, but this fella is making a fashion statement that says..."I don't give a shat, if it's wet, icy, or a freaking sloppy god knows what...I'm going! With or without you. Dig!"

Who knows if he went for a ride, who knows if he actually did it, it doesn't matter. What matters, is this simple truth... the new season is not waiting for you to's "Okay." It's officially on.

If I were you, and I'm not...I'd be hitting all the bike shops right now, looking for an edge. Anything, I mean anything, that separates you from them, and them from whoever. No matter if you're in the market for something or not – get down there and find what's in, out, and never was. Because people, once the yuppies show up... it's over. Or, you'll have to wait for the next sales person.

Stay dry. Sorta.

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