Thursday, March 17, 2011

Freewheel Bike, Eden Prairie – Up & Cranking!

By Luxo-D

Every once in awhile, there is good news. And sometimes that news comes in the form of progress. Just when it seems like the status quo is set – something happens to shakes things up. Like you, I enjoy my visits to the bike shops. Heck, when the season is in full swing, I find myself hanging around these joints more than I would dare to admit. In fact, some of the proprietors of these shops often scold me, by saying stuff like..."Hey you, whadda you doing standing around for – get to work!"

So, when I heard Freewheel Bike was opening a brand NEW shop in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, I checked my shorts. If you don't know, Freewheel Bike is a Twin Cities bicycle retailer revered among avid cyclist for awesome product selection and customer service since 1974. Owned by Bloomington resident Kevin Ishaug. The location of the new 7,000-square foot store is in the old Outback Steakhouse spot at 12910 Plaza Drive, near the intersection of I-494 and Hwy. 5/212, kinda near the Eden Prairie Center shopping mall.

And these guys got the stuff! Trek, Gary Fisher, Surly, Moots, and Look among others. Not to mention the gear – clothes, shoes, racks, parts, tools, and helmets, etc. And they also got the passionate dudes to take care of it, without making you feel like an idiot. With "Golden Wrench" mechanics to make everything all right and round. Certified to install and repair SRAM, Shimano, Trek, Avid, and many more serious gear I know nothing about.

If you're nostalgic or location is your deal, don't worry – you can always check out the ORIGINAL store on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota campus. Or the Midtown Bike Center located near the Midtown Greenway. They've got lots of stuff at those places to boot.

I don't know about you, but this KID is booking his way down to the Open House this Saturday! Plus, they will have 20% off all merchandise, and there's a drawing to win a NEW Trek road bike too! The open house goes through March 19 - 28.

This my friends... is the STROKER-ACE of bike shopping opportunity.

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