Monday, June 23, 2014

Lake Minnetonka Odyssey

It was a great day for a bike ride around Lake Minnetonka this last Sunday morning! Even though it was slightly overcast, with rain in the forecast – it did not stop this big group of Team Sprockets riders from taking on one the Twin Cities largest lakes.  Flooding presented a challenge to bike around the 35 mile distance of the lake with the recent rains, and did require adjustments to the usual route taken with a slight detour toward St. Bonifacious. Ironically, this did create new scenery, roads, and elevation to explore in the process. The rain did finally come however – and as refreshing as it was, most of the ride was completed perfectly by these Sprocketeers in excellent weather. Indeed, this ride is fast becoming a desirable mainstay in the Team Sprockets go-to rides of the last two seasons. Thank you to one of our team members, Tom Lesser from Excelsior, Minnesota, for hosting this week's wonderful ride!

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