Sunday, July 6, 2014

6th of July and Summer Showed Up

This 4th of July 2014 was pretty good overall, as 4th of July's go here in the Mid-West. Lots of fun, with family, friends, neighbors, and so on. Good food, good parades, and good fireworks made for a very nice holiday indeed. The holiday forecast for the weather was perfect. Perfect! Two days later...the definition of our humid continental climate is revealed in all its discomfort. The hot, humid, raining, jungle like atmosphere is not great for bike riding I can tell you that. So the classic morning bike ride everyone has expected and looking forward to, was canceled – again.  However, when it comes to Team Sprockets, the glass is usually half full. A good try, and a good ride was put to the test later in the early evening. Though the heat, wind, and humidity, made for some challenging riding – patience, and a fair amount of calm pacing, and made for a wonderful pleasant riding.

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