Sunday, December 27, 2009

Look what I got for Christmas!

By Luxo-D

Behold... the GIFT CARD...a piece of plastic ambrosia! Santa Claus, you are the MAN!

Oh sure, it may seem underwhelming at first, but the potential... endless, no doubt. Indeed, this little piece of gold from my local bike shop is nothing to sneeze at. Just look at...a hundred dollars worth of god knows what, for who knows when. SWEET GEORGIA BROWN!

So what should a nice guy like me, get with a piece of El Dorado like this.... hmmm.... thinking.... thinking.... hmmm.... thinking... socks, chamois cream?

So many choices, so much at stake!

What would you do with so much immense POWER in your HANDS?!


  1. I'd use the power to silence you from ever writing about your need for copious amounts of chamois cream again.

  2. Agreed... did not know there was such a thing and now I've got a disturbing chamois cream image in my head.

    ... heard we went speeding by you on 35 yesterday. Glo was in a hurry to get home to the cat. : )

  3. Hey, the chamois cream gets the job done. Copious indeed. In fact, I just used some play hockey. So versatile, I wasn't even on a bike. It was Crantastic. I say... "disturbingly AWESOME!"

    Yes...eye spy WUFF on the road.