Monday, January 4, 2010

It's COLD...Let's DANCE!

By Luxo-D

Well it's colder than a you know a you know what.

Uhh hmmm, that's right girlfriends, I'm sayin' it... it's cold here at TEAM SPROCKETS™ Headquarters, in beautiful Mendota Heights, Minnesota. -18 degrees cold is what. And that my friends of TS, makes it a little more challenging to build the courage to ride. Oh I know what you're saying..."Luxo-D...don't be a wuss." Okay fine, you called me a spade on that one, well so what, but then again there are alternatives... shall we say.

*Dance Man Dance
God knows I love riding the bike, anytime, anywhere...except Lakeville. But hey, sometimes a rock n' roll bike riding dude like yours truly has got to throw down the WHEELS and strap on the PLANKS! Dig! Oh sure it's tough times in the North Country when the weather gets a little narsty... it's winter for crying out loud. So what can we do? We put our chins up, or in this case, hands up, and dance the winter away with the warm goodness of a beer... or two... or three.

Then before you know it... Jimmy Dean all is well, and back on the saddle we go! Fresh and dandy, ready for the first springtime ride... Sweet Georgia Brown.

Good times, good times...

*I'm dancing with beer, after an awesome ski day at Alta, in Utah.

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