Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year's Resolution...dream on Jimmy Dean!

By Luxo-D

Promises, promises. I've heard it so many times. So what's the deal about making these "Declarations of Intent" when it comes to New Year's Resolutions? What's it going to get you anyway? Huh? Well wouldn't you like to know Jimmy Dean?

You may think I'm cynical, berating the the misguided need to change. Not so, not so. On the contrary, I'm quite in favor of change. Change, my friends of TEAM SPROCKETS™ is the great "Lone Charioteer" riding out onto that vast and vanquished frontier of mundane chaos we call... Life. Also known as "The Big Shitty." Uhh hmm, that's right girlfriend, I said the 'S' word.

No worries though, we can all Forge the NEW path to greatness. We just need to grab hold of something, god knows what, and just do our best. For instance, take this small sampling from our team. Look what they have committed to this year:

1000 Mile Man - Ride a 1000 miles and get a new bike.
The Ginger Daddy - Break the time barrier on The Lolligag
The Stranger - Be in the Top 10 of the metro cyclocross season
Spud - Get in shape and ride to Prior Lake
General Kusstard - Ride all of the metro mountain bike courses
The Immortal - Get the proper saddle adjustment right
Mickey-D - Ride more often. Period
Luxo -D - Ride the steepest hills of Stillwater

So you see, it's all quite doable and certainly well with in the norms and standards of everyday acceptance. Nothing lofty or unworthy of genuine effort. Just, good old fashioned commitment to hard work in hope of completion. With the simple tenacious trust in individual humility and accomplishment, worthy.... of our collective praise. Indeed...

Of course...unless they totally FAIL! Which would really suck whazoo and be incredibly embarrassing.

That's all.


  1. I am particularly impressed by the photo in this week's blog entry - in particular with the hand gesture itself. It conveys the notion of "crossed fingers" with a universality and clarity I'd never have been able to capture. And by photographing this good luck wish in front of a theatre curtain you bring in too the sense of anticipation we all feel as the first act of 2010 is about to open. Bravo. BRAVO SIR!!!!

  2. The stage is set, but what will the opening act reveal. Surely, there is the anticipation, now we have to see about performance. As it is sung in West Side Story, "Who Knows..."