Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gear Up You Jokers!

By Luxo-D

It's that time of the year again. The thoughts about how to prosecute this next season are creeping in the e-mails, phone calls, and chit-chat. They say, Luxo-D..."What should we do?" "Where should we ride?" "Which water bottle should I use?" Don't even get me started about conditioning. I for one, am determined to get a grip on this, before I find a whole lot of gossip going around that I'm a "Mr. Johnny Do-Nothing" team leader of TEAM SPROCKETS™.

What's going on?
This promises to be a breakthrough GEAR testing year for the team. Bikes, shirts, tires, wheels, drive-trains, and all in between. Heck, even our TEAM SPROCKETS™ uniform will need some additions too. I have some thoughts. Meanwhile, The 1000 Mile Man is looking forward to testing some HOT new Pearl Izumi bike gear (shoes, jersey, shorts) he got recently. I'm totally jealous too... that guy is such a poser.

And who isn't yappin' about taking their game to the next level? With what? New bikes of course. So far, The 1000 Mile Man is going to earn some extra miles by painting the kitchen cupboards. Major Drool is selling off some old wares to get a hot ride this spring. The Ginger Daddy is constantly on Craig's List snooping out a deal, The Immortal is working the discount bike sites for hot a generic, and The Stranger already got a sweet custom ride this fall! Who's next? Boy, talk about upgrades. What do I have... well I have "Project Stroker Ace." I know. But it's a temporary detour on the road to a super hot road bike this fall, that's all. You'll see... the ashes of Le Tour will fly like a Phoenix...or maybe a...wood duck?

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