Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trainer Purgatory

By Luxo-D

The agony, the tedious boring agony... Why, why, why... must you and I suffer so? When will this winter end? When will the sweet goodness of Spring give forth it's generous beauty of warm weather and clean roads? THE MADNESS, I CRY OUT FOR JUSTICE!

But no use crying about it...as I always say, eh hem or sing...from that classic Hollywood musical of yesteryear..."Who Knows, maybe now maybe not, maybe...tonight!" (West Side Story.) By the way, I don't cry myself...I was just making a point.

Look! I'm working my ass off here...blogging my ass off, trying to find some hopeful bicycling news to get people excited. Quite frankly, it's been a slow week. Geez. But there is one thing of note however, the 'Ultimate Gift Card' I so bodaciously bragged about a month ago was finally tapped. It's true. I just hustled my ass down to my local bike shop and Viola! Behold...a NEW CHROME Brand messenger bag! It is freaking AWESOME!

Cool, hell yeah. This TEAM SPROCKETS™ club member is most definitely prepared to 'haul some ass' with confidence no doubt. Uhh hmmm, that's right girlfriends, I said haul ass. That's right.. ass with an 'A.'

Or at least look like an ass...

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