Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1000 Mile Man Hits The Road

By Luxo-D

He said he was going to do it. I didn't believe him. But he went out and did it. The 1000 Mile Man breaks out of the shackles of winter and does the unthinkable...a WINTER RIDE. Now before we get all..."Oh my god!" or "I can't believe it!" or "That dirty bastard!" and stuff like that... riding outside in the middle of winter with snow covered streets and frigid temperatures is nothing...nothing dammit. Hell, The Stranger rides to work all year round... through some pretty narsty weather. Give me some news here man...sheee-it.

Here's why this is news...
There are three things that make this interesting and just barely interesting I might add: The 1000 Mile Man moves 5 miles closer to his NEW bike. He gets to test out some brand new Pearl Izumi cold weather gear, which is cool! And finally, he is the first TS member to go for a ride in 2010, much to all our chagrin! Now that's pretty impressive. Some of us, are still stuck on the trainer in the basement! Which totally blows...

So how was your ride Mr. hotshot 1000 Mile Man?
That was my jealous question to the man upon learning of his shenanigans last Sunday. Oh sure, he could have went skiing like normal people do? But no, he was out reap to some blood! The first thing he said after his ride was..."It was cold." Well no shit Sherlock it's winter! And then he said..."The streets were little icy." For crying out loud, who does this guy think he is!? Then he said... "I fell a couple times." I believe that, typical. And finally, he said – and this really kills me... "Other than that, it wasn't bad." Can you believe this guy... it's absolutely audacious, what ego!

You know, this guy kind of reminds me of that kid in the neighborhood that would hold onto a fire cracker really long... and then just barely let go of it in time, before for it blew up! That's The 1000 Mile Man.

He's "Wild Cat," you don't know what the HELL he's going to do!

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