Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bikes, Beer, and Sandwiches

By Luxo-D

I walked in a bicycle shop last week...and it bummed me out...what can I say.

Actually, it was a secondary stop on an outing with The Stranger. The real purpose of the outing was to get beer. The Stranger was looking for a special collection of the good stuff. He found it at this unusual beer store in St. Louis Park, called the Four Ferkins or something like that. It's a weird little store that sells all kinds fancy beers that I know nothing about. Luckily, for my own sanity, I spotted TEAM SPROCKETS™ favorite beer on a shelf... "Lakemaid." It was a good thing too. I was pretty disorientated in there, with the multitude of beers from all over the world. But that beacon hope revealed itself and there she was...Excalibur...the "Lady of the box!"

As far as the secondary stop goes, it was a melancholy time for yours truly indeed. A salesperson asked me if I needed help looking for something. I said, "No, I'm just browsing, thank you." What I really was thinking is..."Look buddy, take your cool, super hot, rock n' roll road bikes and save it okay, this kid – is in no mood for wheeling and dealing, dig." Just spare me, all your techno mumbo jumbo about kick ass drive trains, carbon fiber, and what not okay. And while your add it, don't even, that's right, don't even bother toying with me... you know, toying with me about your awesome deals and service. Forget it...this sap doesn't pour!

After that, I decided to get a corned beef sandwich...which tasted good.

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  1. I was talking to Little Debbie Snack Cake – She said "Luxo-D...work on your spelling and grammar, it's terrible."

    Look...I'm GONZO! I don't have time for minutia, I've got a message to get out. That's all I'm saying.