Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nice Wheels!

By Luxo-D

The 1000 Mile Man ticks me off!

Now I know I'm not supposed to be jealous, but dammit this guy is this throwing a monkey wrench in the well oiled machine known as TEAM SPROCKETS™. Just the other day I get a phone call out of the blue..."I'm coming down the street, get a camera." What! Get a camera? And just like that, before a guy can say what the fu.... "DING DONG," the door bell rings!

And just guess who's standing there at my front door, with all his fancy new gear and shit eating grin on his sarcastic puss...that's right...The 1000 Mile Man! And guess what the first thing that comes out of his yapper is...? "Hi dude...I'm going for a ride, check out my new shoes!" " Take a picture." Now...If I weren't just a little bit impressed, I'm certain I would have told the guy to get bent, but being the upstanding team leader, I decided to take the role of an encouraging and motivational leader and catered to the needy demands of one our overbearing team members. So I said "Okay." and obliged the demand with a couple of nonchalant snap shots.

Even though the impromptu encounter seemed a bit forced at first, I did feel the effort did warrant a certain amount of praise. Oh sure, his Pearl Izumi footwear, lobster gloves, and pants were clearly excellent by any standards. Hell, I wish I had some of that action too, but my god, the audacity, the megalomania of bravado was truly off the scale!

What could I say? Actually I thought..."You sick, glorious bastard. You've got the shit goin' on, no doubt, no doubt!" So I took the pictures, what else could I do.

I was later informed, that he put on 13 miles during his little lolligag around the hood. So I guess that means, he's just a little closer to a new bike. Which is great. Well so what, 1000 Mile Man...not everyone has a free Sunday afternoon to blow on bicycling!

But I wish we all did...

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